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Dr. Sumner Silverman is a clinical psychologist and artist. He lives in Cambridge and Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. He has been in private practice for 30 years and has created jewelry for about the same amount of time. In his psychotherapy practice, Sumner works with artists, academics, people in media and people in high tech. His main clinical focus is on issues of creativity and productivity. His jewelry has appeared in galleries in New York, Boston, Santa Fe, San Francisco and Dallas. He received an American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Award in 1986. His work was also part of the Golden Jubilee Collection that was sponsored by the Metropolitan Opera Guild to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Guild. The proceeds benefited the Metropolitan Opera. The Golden Jubilee Collection premiered in the Gallery at Lincoln Center in 1985, and subsequently traveled to several galleries around the country. It was also the subject of a special exhibition at the Fitchburg Art Museum. Sumner's work has also appeared as part of a traveling show sponsored by the Board of Trustees of the Cite des Sciences et de L'Industrie La Villette in Paris and the World Gold Council. His work was also featured in a fashion show sponsored by the World Gold Council and Revlon. Most of Sumner's jewelry is custom made for individuals by commission.