Physically, necklaces must be comfortable and hang well. Strong shapes and colors predominate in my necklaces. I look to ethnic design for inspiration.

picture of lapis and 24K necklace picture of ivory with inlaid 24K necklace picture of 24K inlaid Ivory Pendant strung on a pearl necklace

Necklaces are objects that can convey power and status. I find that, in the form of a necklace, I like large powerful pieces. I use colored stone beads, carved ancient ivory, and wood along with gold elements. Lately, I have been experimenting with a technique of using thin 24k sheet gold that I form into larger shapes and fill with light, non-compressible material.

picture of Ivory and 24K necklace picture of lapas and 24K necklace picture of Ivory Lion Head Pendant
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